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Secapital S.à r.l is a company based in Luxemburg which specializes, in purchasing large receivables portfolios with purpose to let them be serviced by receivables management companies. The company is open on various investments of receivables i.e. financial institutions, insurance companies or electricity companies. The main group, over half of the investment portfolio, contains receivables of financial institutions. The company's core activity includes debt recovery through pre-court, court and enforcement collection.

The professionalism of Secapital S.à r.l has gained many partners for joint investment projects on the receivables markets. In its operating activity, Secapital draws on the experience gained during cooperation with banks, investment funds and collection agencies in Central Europe.

Secapital’s target is ensure securitization of any intended transaction or arrangement. The securitization of receivables can be considered a modern tool that leads to efficient management of large debt portfolios including both business and retail debts. Like other financial instruments, it is frequently used in large structured finance projects by, leasing companies, banks, telecoms and other commercial institutions. Creditors use securitization in order to easily and quickly transfer their receivables, including the risk associated with them. Another advantage of securitization is that it enables capital for business activity and it helps improving balance sheets.

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