KRUK Group

Founded in Wroclaw in 1998, the KRUK Group has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and on the WSE bond market since 2011. The Group includes 14 companies in six countries. In addition to the core business, the Group operates the Raven law firm, the Polish Register of Debtors ERIF, a detective office and various securitization and investment platforms in Luxemburg and Malta.

KRUK operates in Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. Between 2002 and 2014 KRUK purchased debt portfolios with a nominal value of 5,24 million Euros. The total of 370 portfolios included over 3 million individual cases. In 2014 the KRUK Group bought 59 debt portfolios with a total nominal value of 920 million Euros. With 138 million Euros paid for the portfolios, the value of investments grew 55 per cent compared with the previous year. With a market share of 21 percent in Poland, 38 percent in Romania, 9 percent in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, KRUK is one of the most successful companies in the entire region.

The Group plans to expand its existing business lines and develop new ones on the existing markets as well as on new foreign markets. With respect to the product range, KRUK Group intends to continue purchasing consumer, mortgage, and corporate debt portfolios, providing debt management services, and developing the consumer loan business and credit information services.

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