1. No information besides the data stored in the cookie files is extracted by the website.

2.  “Cookies” of “cookie files” are data which is stored on User’s end, consisting mostly in text files. Information contained in the cookie file consists usually in the name of the website which they were created for, an unique number and the storage date. The purpose of using cookie files is to facilitate access to the pages of the Website.

3. The operating party for cookie storage on User’s device in Secapital S.a.rl with office in Luxembourg, Rue du Laboratoire 9. 

4. Reasons for storing cookies:

- adapting the content from a site to the personal options of the User for a better browsing experience; for example, cookies permit the recognition of the device and displaying the website according to User’s preferences

- enabling  statistics that underline the usage of website by a particular User, which improves content and structure

- not having to log-in each session

5. This site handles two types of cookies, respectively “session” files and “persistent” files.

Session cookie files are temporary and are stored inside the User’s device until log off, leaving the site or closing the program.

Persistent cookie files function on the User’s devices for a determined time-frame specified in its parameters or until they are removed by the User.
6. Usually, software enables the internet browser to store cookies in the User’s device by default. The User can choose to modify his cookie settings anytime. This happens so that automatic management of cookies is blocked or to inform the User about saving cookies on their device. Extra options on cookies are available in your browser settings.

7. The Operator of the website informs that limiting the use of cookies can impact on the operability of the website’s pages.

8. Advertisers and partners of the website’s Operator can use cookie files on User’s device.

9. You can find more information on cookies at or on your internet browser settings, in the “Help” section.



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